Monday, August 25, 2008

Biden: Not My Cup of Joe

I'm no big fan of Joe Biden these days. I think he's a bit of a country-club bigot, and also bears more than a passing physical resemblance to McCain.

Still, still, I wanted to give him a chance when I heard that he was going to be Barack's warm bucket. I read Biden's feel-good puffery about the pick with an unenthusiastic but open mind, until I reached the part where he said his sons were named "Beau and Hunter."

Beau? Hunter?

This is a man who is going to change America? Even funnier is his tortured and unnatural attempt to sound as if he relates to ordinary Americans, or even extraordinary Americans, or really anyone besides himself. "An Irish Catholic kid from Scranton with a father..." Really? REALLY? This is Obama's hero with the "small ego"?

And am I the only Democrat west of China who isn't thrilled to burst at this choice?

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