Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Joe Biden really such a racist fool?

Was Joe Biden caught off-guard by his own planned campaign event? Was he being a racist jerk? Does it matter? Who says something like "You can't go to 7-11 unless you have a slight Indian accent"??? Joe, the ethnic jokes you learned in the frathouse won't win you friends on the campaign trail!

Stay tuned for Biden's next event, where he tells the NAACP that you can't get decent fried chicken in Georgia unless you have a slightly tanned skin.

Also, the 7-11 stereotype needs to die: the fine, fine team at Asian-Nation, which draws their statistics from no less reliable a source than the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, shows that Asian Indians are more likely than ANY OTHER ethnic group in the United States to hold advanced degrees. Their median incomes are higher too, higher than those of whites, blacks, Hispanics and all other Asians. Am I hating on everyone else in America? No. But the Kwik-E Mart joke needed to die yesterday. It's demeaning on every level.

In conclusion: if Obama picked this asshat for Veep, even I'd go McCain.

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