Thursday, August 21, 2008

Does it Really Matter that Simon Barnes Watches the Olympics for a Peep Show?

There's been this big flurry over Simon Barnes' column about the Olympics, in which he jokingly asks "Where are all the breasts?" of female swimmers in their LZR suits.

Am I the only one who wasn't offended by this? The column was about the suits, although he did manhandle (haha!) the lede. And the suits are important, since they've changed swimmers' performance.

Also, I don't think you get to be a female Olympic swimmer without learning to take the occasional asinine joke about looks. Clearly, swimmers are sexy and Simon is jealous. He probably got nervous watching the women in his life ogle the oiled male muscles on NBC (the Olympics, along with "Dancing with the Stars," has turned all erogenous zones into family-friendly primetime programming), and he's falling on back on adolescent jokes to hide his anxieties.

If anything, we should sympathize with Simon! Poor guy, with his pricked ego!

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