Friday, August 22, 2008

The Blair Witch Project: Model Edition

I don't watch America's Next Top Model, largely because a) I don't want to but more because b) I really, really don't care for Tyra Banks' semi-coherent histrionics.

America can't get enough of aspiring model documentaries these days (I wonder if they're just an excuse to look at pretty girls) and in that vein is's new ModelLive, which at least openly admits to being an advertisement in webisode form.

It doesn't remind me of Banks' sobfest, but rather of LonelyGirl15 (Remember that online sensation?). Any moment now I expect an expose on how those girls are all paid actresses and the entire world of high fashion is just a cult invented for the purpose of...oh yes...making money...

Watch Episode 1 (of 577) of LonelyGirl15. Then click over to and you'll see what I mean.

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