Saturday, September 20, 2008

Palin Pales

The changes in Sarah Palin's approval ratings could send a Republican pollster into a depressive tail spin. The left is cheery about the reversal in Palin's ratings, probably a result of her repeated (and truly ridiculous) claim that being next door to Russia gives her foreign policy experience.

That's like saying working next door to NASA qualifies you to build rockets.

But then again: following the polls too closely could give anyone a nosebleed. Watching politics is, for Washingtonians, a little like the Brett Favre (is he a Packer? is he a Jet? is he a megalomaniac?) coverage must have been for Wisconsites. Thrilling and also a bit embarrassing. Being fascinated by polls reveals a deep-seated inner nerdiness that no amount of newsworthiness can disguise.

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