Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama Made Me Cry

Michelle talks to Soledad O'Brien. Watching this interview, I actually teared up when Michelle talked - as honestly but as politically correctly as possible - about how hard it was for her to leave her job, and about how much she loves her children.

When I see Michelle Obama, I see the woman I admire most: my own mother. There is this myth going around that being a "working mom" (or even a working parent) has somehow gotten easier since the 50's. Michelle exposes that for the lie it is. She also says "I have resources." People say the Obamas are elitist because they admit to stuff like this. But who's worse? The Obamas, who admit that they've been fortunate, or guys like Johns McCain and Edwards who pretend like they're nothing but millworkers' sons when that's clearly a lie dressed up in the truth?

Also, one point worth making: because Barack is black, he can peddle this "American dream" more convincingly than, say, Edwards. People talk a lot about how Obama's race has hurt him in this election. But let's give America some credit: Barack's race has helped him, too.

See Michelle talk circles around Soledad O'Brien:

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